Dungeons & Dragons - Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Chapter 2
Rocks Fall - Everyone Dies

I sort of feel like the last session can be summarized with the following sentence:

“How does this ability on my sheet work? Do I get an inspiration point?”

Chapter 1
Greenest in Flames

Our story begins when the young James Saeed is contacted by Ontharr Frume, an old colleague of his father’s. Frume offers Saeed and a small group of other men/women of his choice a small reward in exchange for traveling to the town of Greenest to investigate the recent rumors of dragon activity.

Saeed sets off along with his companions: Gorak and Orakor, the half-orc savage warriors; Arradel, the light-foot thief; and Spackles, the gnome trickster. They approach Greenest after several days travel only to find that the town is being raided by small scaly lizard men and cloaked humanoids. Several buildings are afire, and civilians run towards the Keep near the town center for safety.

The group makes their way to the Keep after encountering several of the lizard men (now established as Kobolds), their trained lizards beasts (Ambush Drakes), and the cloaked humanoids (Cultists). They also manage to secure the safety of several civilians in the process.

The people of the keep do what they can to hold their footing from within the stronghold. After a short rest the group is encountered by Governor Nighthill. Nighthill requests their help in assisting the civilians outside of the town.

The group, after putting a stop to a small invasion force on the Keep, uncovers a back entrance to the Keep in the form of an old tunnel in the cellar. They survey the town, and return to mend their wounds.

Just as they finish their plan to assist the twelve civilians in the temple, a dragon descends on the Keep from the clouds above. The men on the wall hold their ground against the vicious foe.

The group is weak from their trip to the Keep, and as all hope seems lost, a young warrior in scale-mail rushes into the keep with a small group of civilians. Saeed recognizes the marking on his shield as that of Eldath, the God of peace. Saeed approaches the man with a request for assistance. The man complies, and uses his divine connection to mend the wounds of the group. He then takes his spear in hand and rushes to the wall to defend against the dragon.

A mighty throw of a javelin from Gorak pierces the dragons neck. The dragon flies into the clouds, and then swoops in towards Gorak only to fly up into the clouds and away from the town. The group makes its way into the Keep to rest once more for the night before being interrupted by a voice in the night.

As they investigate it is revealed that the voice belongs to a large reptile looking man with blue scales about his body. With spear in hand, he challenges the party to send forth their strongest. They can see that the man leads a small group of raiders, and that they are holding four civilians hostage (including three children). Without hesitation, Orakor makes his way towards the man issuing the challenge.

As Orakor approaches, the three children are let go, and the man puts forth the rules. He wishes for a one on one duel. If there is no outside interference, and the duel is to the death, then he will let the woman go (no matter who wins).

Orakor agrees and does his best to hold his ground against the attacker, but it proves to be too much. The attacker, after switching to his greatsword, makes quick work of Orakor. As he raises his sword above his head to take the final blow against Orakor, he is struck with a crossbow and two javelins. He rushes away with his raiding party after executing the woman.
Gorak, after witnessing his brother fall in combat, takes offense and pursues the half-dragon man. The man stops after a short pursuit, and introduces himself as Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. Gorak challenges him to another one-on-one fight, and Cyanwrath generously accepts. Gorak, while getting in some good strikes, is not enough to keep Cyanwrath’s attacks at bay. He falls as the rest of the group catches up. Cyanwrath takes two more strikes at Gorak before fleeing with his group once and for all.

Gorak, miraculously surviving the encounter, is taken to the keep alongside his brother (Orakor), who is also found to be alive. Saeed is scolded by Nighthill for allowing the woman to die by breaking the terms of the duel, and told that he should not be expecting any further assistance from Greenest.


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